What is another word for wife?

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Wife is a traditional term used to describe the female partner in a marriage relationship, but there are many other synonyms that can be used instead. Some alternative words for wife include spouse, partner, better half, life partner, soulmate, significant other, beloved, helpmate, and consort. Each of these alternatives brings its unique connotations, and may be preferable in different contexts. For instance, the term "spouse" can be used to describe a partner of either gender, while "better half" often carries the implication of a strong, loving relationship. Using different words for wife can help to express a range of emotions and ideas about marriage and partnership.

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The word wife refers to a married woman or a female partner in a marriage. However, there are certain antonyms for the word wife which indicate a different meaning. These antonyms include bachelor, spinster, unmarried, divorced, separated, and widowed. A bachelor or unmarried person refers to a man who is not married or in a relationship. A spinster, on the other hand, refers to an unmarried and older woman who is perceived to be beyond the age of marriage. Lastly, divorced, separated, and widowed all refer to individuals who were once married but have now ended their marital relationship. These antonyms showcase different stages of a person's life and their marital status.

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