What is another word for shuttle?

Pronunciation: [ʃˈʌtə͡l] (IPA)

Shuttle, a commonly used term, refers to a variety of things, including a spacecraft, a tool for weaving, or a machine that transports people or things back and forth. One of the synonyms for the word shuttle is "ferry," which refers to transportation that moves people or things from one place to another. Another synonym is "repeatedly," which refers to the act of doing something over and over again. "Commute," is another synonym, which refers to traveling between locations or back and forth from home to work. Finally, "run," which means to transport something or someone from one place to another repeatedly, is another synonym for the word shuttle.

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  • hypernyms for shuttle (as nouns)

    • artifact
      shuttle bus.

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Usage examples for Shuttle

It is true that once, in another continent, by the light of a campfire, I saw the long, liana-like body of a harmless tree-snake wind down from one of my fronded bed-posts and, like a living woof following its shuttle, weave a passing pattern of emerald through the pale meshes.
"Edge of the Jungle"
William Beebe
A question is asked, and its answer comes back as the shuttle returns with the woof!
"The History of Peru"
Henry S. Beebe
And when the darting shuttle of his thought reminded him that Myra did not shrink from it, he went out to the front room and with his body sunk deep in a leather chair he fell to pondering on this.
"The Hidden Places"
Bertrand W. Sinclair

Famous quotes with Shuttle

  • Our task was doing maintenance and repairs to keep the station in a good state for the return of the shuttle flights and resumption of major ISS construction.
    Leroy Chiao
  • Having the opportunity to fly the first flight of something like a space shuttle was the ultimate test flight.
    Robert Crippen
  • Living inside the shuttle was a little like camping out. We ended up sleeping in our seats. You had to pay attention to housekeeping, not get things too dirty.
    Robert Crippen
  • The nature of the shuttle was, we couldn't put a crew escape system in it.
    Robert Crippen
  • The space shuttle has been a fantastic vehicle. It is unlike any other thing that we've ever built. Its capabilities have carried several hundred people into space.
    Robert Crippen

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