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Cast is a versatile word that has a multitude of synonyms. It can refer to the act of throwing or dispersing, or to the act of setting or putting something in place. Some synonyms for cast that fall in line with this definition include toss, hurl, or fling, as well as deposit or place. Cast can also refer to the act of molding or shaping something, and in this context, some synonyms include form, shape, or mold. Finally, cast can refer to a group of actors or performers in a play, film, or TV show, and in this sense, it is synonymous with actors, performers, or players.

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Cast is an interesting and tricky word because, on the one hand, it means exactly what it implies: a group of actors. But, on the other hand, it can refer to other things, like inanimate objects or natural materials. It can even be used as a verb, casting a vote or assessing a cast. To some, the word has a negative connotation because it sounds lazy and there's usually only a very small number of people who can be called "cast." To others, it has a positive lure because it suggests something that's been carefully chosen and considered.

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