What is another word for plant kingdom?

Pronunciation: [plˈant kˈɪŋdəm] (IPA)

The term "plant kingdom" refers to a group of living organisms that includes all green plants, algae, and fungi. However, there are many other words or phrases that can be used interchangeably for this group. Some synonyms include "flora," "botanical life," "vegetation," "greenery," or simply "plants." Additionally, there are more specific terms that can be used to refer to types of plants, such as "angiosperms" for flowering plants, "gymnosperms" for coniferous plants, or "bryophytes" for mosses and liverworts. No matter what word is used to describe this group of living organisms, it is clear that plants play a crucial role in the ecosystem and provide many important benefits to humans as well.

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What are the hypernyms for Plant kingdom?

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