What is another word for preconditioned?

Pronunciation: [pɹˌiːkəndˈɪʃənd] (IPA)

Preconditioned is a word that describes something that has been prepared or set up in advance. Synonyms for preconditioned include primed, predisposed, preconditioned, prearranged, preset, organized, and arranged. Each of these words denotes a state of readiness, whether it be mental or physical. Primed suggests that an individual has been prepared for a particular situation or task ahead of time. Predisposed suggests a natural inclination towards something. Preconditioned suggests that a situation or person has been prepared and is ready to function in a certain way. Whatever the word choice may be, it indicates a readiness that has been established for a person or event.

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What are the opposite words for preconditioned?

Preconditioned refers to something that has been conditioned in advance or has a predetermined set of conditions or requirements. The antonyms for preconditioned would be unconditioned or unprepared. Unprepared suggests a lack of readiness or training, and unconditioned implies no conditioning or previous training. Another antonym for preconditioned could be spontaneous, indicating a lack of prior conditioning, and an immediate response to the present. Unaccustomed is another antonym that correlates to being unprepared, indicating a lack of familiarisation or experience in a specific situation. In summary, the antonyms of preconditioned are unconditioned, unprepared, spontaneous, and unaccustomed.

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Usage examples for Preconditioned

That there is but one cause known to us experimentally, which can determine the operation of force towards the attainment of a preconditioned result, none will deny-namely the purposive action of an intelligent will, as known to us in ourselves and in our fellow-men;-and to Will accordingly, immensely more intelligent than ours, has been ascribed the establishment of those laws which the highest intellects of our race are able partially and dimly to apprehend.
"The Old Riddle and the Newest Answer"
John Gerard
Self which it itself was ineluctably preconditioned to become.
James Joyce
You had your mind already preconditioned for the shot.
"Monkey On His Back"
Charles V. De Vet

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