What is another word for precondition?

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Precondition, one of those words that we never notice, plays an essential role in communicating the prerequisites that must be fulfilled before undertaking a task or making a decision. Some substitutes for precondition are stipulation, prerequisite, requirement, qualification, and standard. These terms define what needs to be accomplished or established before an upcoming action. Other synonyms of precondition could be requisite, condition, sine qua non, preconditioning, and must-have. These alternatives identically depict the necessary foundation required to move forward, emphasizing that they must be met. These words empower a communicator to clearly convey the subsequent steps that need to be taken to achieve an objective.

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How to use "Precondition" in context?

Preconditioning is a process by which a stimulus becomes more effective in eliciting a desired response by becoming associated with the response itself. The stimulus is presented before the desired response is actually desired. When you hear the sound of a cash register just before you see the purchase slip, the sound has conditioned you to associate the cash register with the purchase. This process is used in psychology, education, marketing, and other fields.

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