What is another word for primed?

Pronunciation: [pɹˈa͡ɪmd] (IPA)

Primed is a word that is often used to describe a state of readiness, whether it be physical or mental. Some synonyms for primed include 'prepared', 'alerted', 'conditioned', 'set', 'geared up', 'poised', and 'ready'. Being primed involves being in a state of heightened awareness and readiness for action, making it an important characteristic for individuals in various fields. Whether it is athletes preparing for a competition, soldiers getting ready for a mission, or students studying for an exam, being primed is essential for success. Utilizing synonyms of primed in different contexts can help individuals to better express their readiness and preparedness in different situations.

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What are the hypernyms for Primed?

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What are the opposite words for primed?

Primed is an adjective that means ready, prepared or trained for a particular action or event. The opposite of primed can be unprepared, untrained, or inexperienced. If someone is not prepared to perform a task, they may be considered unprimed or unready. Similarly, someone who has not been trained or educated adequately in a particular field can be said to be unprimed. Instead of primed, the antonym can also be uninitiated, ignorant or unacquainted. In contrast, if someone is over-prepared or excessively trained, they may be deemed over-primed or overtrained.

What are the antonyms for Primed?

Usage examples for Primed

Yount did not show up until half-past eight; after he had disgorged the necessary information he left the Dock cocked and primed for quick work.
"Eugene Field, A Study In Heredity And Contradictions"
Slason Thompson
Gwynneth was starting for her lecture, primed with sharp pencils and her new essay, when she heard in the village that two doctors had been at the Flint House in the night.
E. W. Hornung
He had come back primed with a desperate measure for the last of all.
E. W. Hornung

Famous quotes with Primed

  • If we were really tough on crime, we'd try to save our children from the desperation and deprivation that leave them primed for a life of crime.
    Carrie P. Meek
  • Maine should be pleased that its animal is not a waverer, and rather than fight, lets the primed quill fall. Shallow oppressor, intruder, insister, you have found a resister.
    Marianne Moore
  • The incest taboo is another major category of primed learning.
    E. O. Wilson
  • If the whiteness they pursue is cool and haughty and blank, history is uncool, reaches out gawkily for affinities, asserts itself boldly, threatens to mark, to break through and stain the primed white canvas that is their life. For, having primed it, they do not know where to start, how to make a mark. They are alone in the world, a small new island of whiteness. Or so they think; they do not know, or perhaps they do not want to know, that the neighbourhood is full of people like them. Thus they are steeped in its silence.
    Zoë Wicomb

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