What is another word for quadriplegic?

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[ kwˌɒdɹɪplˈiːd͡ʒɪk], [ kwˌɒdɹɪplˈiːd‍ʒɪk], [ k_w_ˌɒ_d_ɹ_ɪ_p_l_ˈiː_dʒ_ɪ_k]

There are several synonyms for the word "quadriplegic," including "tetraplegic," which is often used interchangeably. Another synonym is "paraplegic," which refers to an individual with paralysis in the lower half of their body. Other terms that may be used to describe a person with quadriplegia include "spinal cord injury (SCI) patient" and "complete injury." Additionally, the term "crippled" was once used to describe individuals with paralysis but is now considered offensive. It is important to use appropriate language when discussing individuals with disabilities and to prioritize their preferences and comfort levels.

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    How to use "Quadriplegic" in context?

    A quadriplegic is a person who is paralyzed from the neck down. This can be due to injuries sustained from accidents, illnesses, or surgery. Quadriplegics may need to use a wheelchair or other assistive devices to get around. They may have limited or no use of their arms and legs. quadriplegics may also have problems with speech and swallowing.

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