What is another word for incapacitated?

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When it comes to describing someone who is unable to perform physical or mental functions due to injury, illness, or other reasons, the word incapacitated is often used. However, there are several synonyms available to replace this term. Some options include disabled, impaired, debilitated, invalid, weakened, helpless, and paralyzed. Each of these words conveys a similar meaning to incapacitated, but they may add different connotations or nuances to the description. For example, disabled typically refers to a long-term condition that limits someone's abilities, while debilitated suggests a temporary weakness or exhaustion. It's important to choose synonyms that accurately reflect the situation and context.

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    When an individual is incapacitated, it means that they are unable to move or speak. Incapacitation can be the result of a physical injury or illness. In some cases, an individual may be incapacitated because of the amount of medication that they are taking.

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