What is another word for able?

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The word "able" refers to a person's capability to do something. There are several synonyms for the word "able" which include proficient, skilled, accomplished, talented, competent, capable, and apt among others. Proficient implies a high degree of expertise in a particular skill or subject. Skilled means a person who is highly trained and experienced. Accomplished refers to someone who has achieved success in a particular field or task. Talented suggests a natural ability or aptitude for a particular activity. Competent implies the ability to do something well. Capable means able to achieve a particular task with ease. Apt implies a natural ability or inclination towards a particular task.

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How to use "Able" in context?

The word "able" is defined as capable of being done. In general, this word is used to describe someone or something that is capable of performing a task or achieving a goal. Able usually refers to the physical or mental ability to do something, but can also refer to the ability to be accepted or accepted by someone.

Despite the vague definition of the word, "able" has several specific meanings that are often used in everyday speech. For example, able can be used to describe someone or something that is capable of doing something difficult or challenging.

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