What is another word for defective?

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The word "defective" refers to something that is not functioning properly or is flawed in some way. Some synonyms for this word include faulty, flawed, imperfect, damaged, impaired, and substandard. A faulty product is one that has some sort of defect or problem that makes it unusable or unsafe. A flawed idea or plan is one that is not well thought out or is flawed in some way. An imperfect item is one that is not complete or is lacking in some way. Damaged goods are items that have been damaged or ruined in some way and are no longer usable. Impaired functioning refers to a state of being less than fully functional. Substandard work or material is less than the acceptable level of quality.

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A defective product is one that does not meet the established expectations of its users. Defective products can range from small issues, such as a broken or faulty part that does not meet the specifications for the product, to more serious defects, such as a product that is dangerous or does not meet environmental regulations.

Product defects can have a significant impact on a company's reputation and its ability to sell products. In some cases, a defective product may even cause serious injury or death. It is important for companies to track the number and type of defects found in their products in order to determine the causes and to make improvements to their manufacturing processes.

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