What is another word for Rabbeting?

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Rabbeting is a woodworking technique of cutting a groove or recess along the edge of a piece of wood, typically to allow it to fit into another piece of wood at a right angle. Synonyms for rabbeting include dadoing, grooving, channeling, and rebating. Dadoing involves cutting a rectangular groove across the grain of the wood, while grooving is similar but runs parallel to the grain. Channeling creates a V-shaped groove that extends along the length of the wood, while rebating creates a recess along one or both edges of the wood. These techniques are common in carpentry and furniture making and are used to join pieces of wood together in a strong and stable manner.

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    Rabbeting is a technique used to slice through a wave while sailing. It is a process of turning the boat around so that the bow is facing the oncoming wave and using the wind to push the boat through the wave.

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