What is another word for re-source?

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The term "re-source" can be defined as a way to replenish or regain strength, or a source of something that can be used again. There are many synonyms for this word, including renew, regenerate, refresh, reinvigorate, recharge, rekindle, rejuvenate, rebuild, repair, and replenish. These words all convey the idea of bringing back something that has been lost or depleted. In a business sense, "re-source" can also refer to finding new resources or ways to obtain resources for a company. Synonyms for this use might include procure, obtain, acquire, gather, and secure. Whatever the context, the idea of "re-sourcing" is an important one for both individuals and organizations alike.

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How to use "Re-source" in context?

Three decades ago, the concept of re-sourcing was barely a whisper among organizations, businesses and individuals. But times have changed. The re-sourcing movement has become a powerful force, prompting many organizations to rethink how they source and procure goods and services. In essence, re-sourcing is the process of finding alternatives to traditional sources of supply in order to reduce costs, boost efficiency and improve quality.

The benefits of re-sourcing are clear. When an organization can economize by sourcing goods from alternative sources, it can save money on everything from procurement costs to warehousing and shipping.

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