What is another word for relay race?

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A relay race, also known as a relay, is a track and field event where teams of athletes take turns running a certain distance before passing a baton to the next team member. But did you know there are several synonyms for the term relay race? One such term is the "team race", as it involves members of a team working together to complete a set distance. Another term is the "baton race", specifically referring to the passing of the baton between team members. Finally, a slightly less common synonym for relay race is the "relayathon", which combines the words "relay" and "marathon" to suggest a longer, endurance-based version of the event.

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How to use "Relay race" in context?

A relay race is a sports event where teams of runners each cover a certain distance in a certain amount of time. The runners are usually teammates, with each team member running a specific segment of the race.

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