What is another word for lap?

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The word 'lap' can be replaced by several similar, suitable synonyms to give the context a different shade of meaning. For instance, a 'leg rest' is a piece of furniture on which one can prop their legs and rest them comfortably. One can snugly curl up on a 'blankey,' which means a soft blanket or a throw. The word 'knee' can signify the area on top of which a child can sit facing the direction opposite to the adult's. If one wants to describe a smooth and gentle wave, 'ripple' is the perfect fit. Finally, 'laps' can be replaced by the definition of a circuit or a 'round.' There are several synonyms of 'lap' that can be used to add variety and dimension to the text.

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How to use "Lap" in context?

Lap is a wonderful thing. It's a comfortable place to sit, a place to lean when you're tired, and a location from which you can view many interesting things. In short, lap is a great place to relax.

But what is lap, exactly? Lap is an abbreviation for "leaning against." Lap can be found in a variety of places, from the office to the park to your own home. But the best place to lap is at your favorite coffee shop, where you can sit with a good book or a good friend and simply relax.

Lap is a great place to work, too.

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