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Baton is a term that is used to describe a long, thin object that could have different uses. It could refer to a conductor's wand, the stick used in relay races, a short staff carried by police or military officers, or a tool used in gymnastics and twirling competitions. Synonyms for a conductor's wand include baton, wand, staff, and stick. The stick used in relay races can be referred to as a baton, relay baton, or hand-off stick. A short staff carried by police or military officers could be called a truncheon, night stick, or billy club. Finally, the tool used in gymnastics and twirling competitions could be known as a twirling baton or a majorette baton.

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The baton is a tool that is used for physical restraint and control. It is a wooden or plastic stick, about three feet long, with an attached rope.

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