What is another word for resplendently?

Pronunciation: [ɹɪsplˈɛndəntli] (IPA)

Resplendently is a beautiful and rare word that can be used to describe something that is shining or brilliant. If you're looking for other words to describe something with a luminous or dazzling appearance, there are several synonyms worth considering. Radiantly, luxuriously, magnificently, splendidly, gorgeously, and opulently are just a few examples of words that can help you add more beauty and richness to your writing. Whether you're describing an elegant dress, a stunning sunset, or a dazzling diamond, using these synonyms will enhance your writing and add more depth and complexity to your descriptions.

Usage examples for Resplendently

Big Medicine raised his eyes toward heaven, which was now golden and flashing resplendently with sunset glories.
"Hoosier Mosaics"
Maurice Thompson
Anna Belle, her eyes beaming from among her tumbled curls, at once turned happy and expectant, and when her hat had been straightened and her boa removed so that her necklace could gleam resplendently about her fair, round throat, she was seated against a tree-trunk and listened with all her ears to the titles Mrs. Evringham offered.
"Jewel's Story Book"
Clara Louise Burnham
I can see the Congregational church; see the town hall and mountaineers' cottages; see a great assembly of people turning out, dressed resplendently, and I can see flags flying and handkerchiefs waving and hear bands playing.
"Acres of Diamonds"
Russell H. Conwell

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