What is another word for splendidly?

Pronunciation: [splˈɛndɪdli] (IPA)

Splendidly is a synonym for words like magnificently, beautifully, extraordinarily, gorgeously, admirably, superbly, and wonderfully. These synonyms are used to describe something that is of excellent quality or that impresses greatly. Magnificently indicates grandeur and beauty, typically associated with architectural structures or natural landscapes. Beautifully refers to aesthetically pleasing items, events, or people. Extraordinarily is used to convey something exceptional or beyond the usual expectation. Gorgeously refers to something richly decorated or adorned. Admirably denotes something deserving of admiration, usually due to its quality or achievement. Superbly implies a high level of excellence or expertise. Finally, wonderfully is a general adjective for something that inspires wonder or amazement.

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What are the opposite words for splendidly?

Antonyms for the word "splendidly" include poorly, badly, inadequately, insufficiently, and subpar. These words suggest a lack of quality, excellence, or satisfaction with the outcome of something. While "splendidly" implies a state of excellence, these antonyms describe the opposite, such as a performance that was poorly executed, a task that was inadequately completed, or a result that was subpar. These words can be used to provide contrast or emphasis to a situation, expressing disappointment or dissatisfaction with an outcome. It is essential to keep in mind these antonyms when describing events that did not go as planned or perform below expectations.

Usage examples for Splendidly

She had abandoned black and wore a satin gown of a soft color, shimmery and splendidly adorned with lace.
"The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories"
Charles Weathers Bump
During the journey everything had presented itself to him somewhat more distinctly and far more splendidly.
"In Desert and Wilderness"
Henryk Sienkiewicz
You may easily show me lands of greater comfort, where the blessings of wealth and civilization are more widely spread; but I defy you to point to any where the trials of a whole people have been so great and so splendidly sustained.
"The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)"
Charles James Lever

Famous quotes with Splendidly

  • I have the soul of a singer and do splendidly in the shower but the world will never hear it. Basically, I'm the only Irish person who can't carry a tune.
    Roma Downey
  • Now supposing I had the part of a young woman to give out, one that wanted some excellent acting. If I were to go to the stage for my actress I would have to take a matured woman, one who would act splendidly, but who would look too old for the requirements.
    D. W. Griffith
  • Life should begin with age and its privileges and accumulations, and end with youth and its capacity to splendidly enjoy such advantages.
    Henry David Thoreau
  • Act sensibly. Act sincerely. Act selflessly. Act splendidly.
    Matshona Dhliwayo
  • About the eroticism of Anthony Burgess, it is interesting to notice that we never find ‘penetrative Eros’ either in twosome, threesome or a roomful of people. Anthony is, more than reticent, endowed with what used to be called ‘Christian modesty’ (which is also, Muslim, Jewish Orthodox Fundamentalism and Hindu, be it said). The grosser form of the sexual act is, very effectively, either - and this is more often the case - suggested by sequences of rhythmical images, as in Tremor of Intent when Miss Devi’s seduces Rupert Hillier in his ship cabine and her initial seduction followed by his response are evoked in a splendidly rhythmical crescendo (I’ve heard him read the pages aloud during a lecture given in Oklahoma or Denver), or, funnily and matter-of-factly, in a foreign language, as when, in a case of rape brought by Malay assistant against a small Chinese shopkeeper, her employer, while the prosecution goes on about "had he done this and he done that, and had there been any attempt to, shall we say, force his attention on her, and had he perhaps been importunate in demanding her favours"… The interpreter, having listened very patiently, just asks the girl, ‘Sudah masok?’ and she replies, quick as a flash, ‘Sudah.’
    Anthony Burgess

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