What is another word for splendidly?

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[ splˈɛndɪdli], [ splˈɛndɪdli], [ s_p_l_ˈɛ_n_d_ɪ_d_l_i]

Splendidly is a synonym for words like magnificently, beautifully, extraordinarily, gorgeously, admirably, superbly, and wonderfully. These synonyms are used to describe something that is of excellent quality or that impresses greatly. Magnificently indicates grandeur and beauty, typically associated with architectural structures or natural landscapes. Beautifully refers to aesthetically pleasing items, events, or people. Extraordinarily is used to convey something exceptional or beyond the usual expectation. Gorgeously refers to something richly decorated or adorned. Admirably denotes something deserving of admiration, usually due to its quality or achievement. Superbly implies a high level of excellence or expertise. Finally, wonderfully is a general adjective for something that inspires wonder or amazement.

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    The word "splendidly" is a adverb meaning "in a splendid manner." It can be used to describe something as being very good, especially in comparison to other things. For example, you might say that a meal is splendidly cooked, or that a new outfit is splendidly made.

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