What is another word for return to form?

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[ ɹɪtˈɜːn tə fˈɔːm], [ ɹɪtˈɜːn tə fˈɔːm], [ ɹ_ɪ_t_ˈɜː_n t_ə f_ˈɔː_m]

When a person or a thing returns to its former state of excellence, it is often described as a return to form. Synonyms for this phrase can include a comeback, a return to glory, a resurgence, a revival, a renewal, a renaissance, a reinvigoration, a rebirth, or a regeneration. All of these words capture the idea of something or someone experiencing a significant rise from a previous low point, whether it be in the field of sports, entertainment, or business. Whatever the context, a return to form provides hope for improvement and renewed success.

How to use "Return to form" in context?

When one speaks of "return to form" it usually refers to a sports team or an athlete regaining their dominance. Sports teams can return to form by regaining their previous winning streak or by putting together a winning season. Athletes can also return to form after a slump in their performance, by improving their technique or by changing their training regimen.

A person's return to form can be emotional for them and for those who are close to them. When a person falls short of their expectations, it can be hard to regain their footing.

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