What is another word for lose?

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"Loss" is a commonly used synonym for the word "lose". Other words that can be used to express the same idea include "mislay", "misplace", "drop", "forfeit", "surrender", and "give up". "Fail" and "be defeated" are additional synonyms that focus more on the idea of failure and defeat rather than specifically misplacing something. "Waste" can also be considered a synonym for "lose" when referring to losing time, money or resources. Synonyms can be useful tools in writing, offering writers alternatives to the same words and enforcing clarity and precision in communication.

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    The word "lose" implies defeat or failure, but its antonyms are words that denote victory and success. Some antonyms of "lose" include "win," "triumph," "conquer," "prevail," "trounce," and "succeed." To win is to achieve victory over someone or something, triumph connotes the feeling of joy or elation after success, and to conquer is to overcome or subdue something. On the other hand, to prevail implies success after a struggle, and to trounce means to defeat decisively. Lastly, to succeed is to attain a goal or objective. These antonyms of "lose" highlight the importance of perseverance in achieving success and overcoming failure.

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