What is another word for lose?

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"Loss" is a commonly used synonym for the word "lose". Other words that can be used to express the same idea include "mislay", "misplace", "drop", "forfeit", "surrender", and "give up". "Fail" and "be defeated" are additional synonyms that focus more on the idea of failure and defeat rather than specifically misplacing something. "Waste" can also be considered a synonym for "lose" when referring to losing time, money or resources. Synonyms can be useful tools in writing, offering writers alternatives to the same words and enforcing clarity and precision in communication.

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    Lose is a dirty, violent and unforgiving word. Synonymous with pain and regret, it evokes a bleak picture of the world where everything we try goes wrong. We are warned not to lose our way, for if we do, we may never find our way back.

    But what is it that we are really losing when we lose something? We are losing our opportunities, our relationships, our chance to be happy. We are also losing ourselves, for if we don't stand up for ourselves, someone else will. And in the end, we may even lose our soul.

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