What is another word for destroy?

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[ d_ɪ_s_t_ɹ_ˈɔɪ], [ dɪstɹˈɔ͡ɪ], [ dɪstɹˈɔ‍ɪ]

Synonyms for Destroy:

annul (verb) destroy (verb) Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Destroy:

  1. toy, coy, hoy, soy, joy, goy, cloy, boy, ploy, troy;
  2. deploy, savoy, decoy, annoy, enjoy, employ;
  3. illinois;

Quotes for Destroy:

  1. The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency. By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. John Maynard Keynes.
  2. The things that will destroy America are prosperity -at -any -price, peace -at -any -price, safety -first instead of duty -first, the love of soft living, and the get -rich -quick theory of life. Theodore Roosevelt.
  3. One to destroy is murder by the law; and gibbets keep the lifted hand in awe; to murder thousands, takes a specious name, 'War's glorious art', and gives immortal fame. Edward Young.