What is another word for right-wing?

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Right-wing is a political term that refers to a set of conservative ideologies, policies, and values. There are several synonyms that represent the right-wing perspective. One such term is conservative, which indicates a preference for traditional values and a cautious approach to societal changes. Another synonym is rightist, which emphasizes the right-wing's support for authority, hierarchy, and individualism. The term reactionary is often used to refer to extremist right-wing policies, advocating for a return to a previous era. Finally, the term alt-right has gained prominence in recent years as a synonym for far-right or white nationalist movements with an emphasis on anti-immigration and anti-globalization policies. Each synonym showcases a slightly different aspect of right-wing politics, emphasizing different values and priorities within the conservative political spectrum.

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What are the hypernyms for Right-wing?

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  • Other hypernyms:

    political orientation, political ideology, Conservative inclinations, Political position, Reactionary outlook.

What are the opposite words for right-wing?

The term "right-wing" is often used in political discourse to describe individuals or groups with conservative or traditional beliefs. Antonyms for "right-wing" could include "left-wing," which refers to those with more liberal or progressive values, and "centrist," referring to a moderate or middle-of-the-road stance. Other antonyms might include "radical" or "extremist," which suggests a departure from the mainstream, as well as "anarchist" or "libertarian," which imply an opposition to government or authority. Ultimately, identifying antonyms for "right-wing" necessitates understanding the political landscape and context in which the term is used.

What are the antonyms for Right-wing?

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