What is another word for Quieter?

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When one wants to describe a place or thing to be less noisy or calmer than usual, they could use the word "quieter." However, there are synonyms for "quieter," which can be useful to know to avoid repetition and to give a more varied vocabulary. Some synonyms of "quieter" are "calmer," "muted," "softspoken," "gentler," and "hushed." "Sooth" is another synonym which suggests a calming effect, while "truncated" implies that the noise level has been reduced. "Serene" refers to a peaceful state, while "placid" suggests tranquility and calmness. "Silent," "still," and "noiseless" all describe complete absence of noise. Using synonyms of "quieter" can help to convey a more accurate description of a place or thing that is not loud.

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Quieter, an adjective that describes something or someone that is peaceful, calm, and not making much noise. Its antonyms are words that denote the opposite meaning. Some antonyms that can be used to describe the opposite of 'quieter' are louder, noisier, clamorous, chaotic, boisterous, and raucous. For instance, when you're in a loud and raucous party, you would say, "this is noisy and chaotic, I wish it was quieter." When a group of people is talking noisily and loudly, one would say, "Please keep it down, let's make it quieter." In brief, antonyms for the word 'quieter' are words that describe something that is loud, noisy, and chaotic.

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Usage examples for Quieter

In a Quieter tone, Aron went on, It is easy to love a state like a woman, because a State is a woman.
"For Every Man A Reason"
Patrick Wilkins
But tell him that I have grown, if not wiser, calmer and Quieter than he knew me formerly; that I should not disturb him by foolish stories, but sit patiently save when he would have me to talk.
"The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)"
Charles James Lever
They were sitting at her open window looking down into the blue evening that is in Westminster Quieter even than it is at Chelsea.
Hugh Walpole

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