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There are several synonyms that can be used in place of the word "conventional." Some of these include traditional, usual, customary, ordinary, standard, regular, and typical. These terms all describe something that is expected or familiar, and are often used to describe cultural norms or everyday experiences. "Traditional" and "customary" specifically refer to long-standing practices or beliefs that are deeply ingrained in a particular culture or society. "Standard" and "regular" describe something that is widely accepted and widely used, while "typical" and "ordinary" imply that something is typical or expected. Overall, these synonyms are useful for describing anything that conforms to the norms or expectations of a particular context or community.

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    Conventional wisdom is often the most sound advice we can follow. It's been passed down through our generations and accepted as truth, despite the fact that it might not always be the most efficient or effective way to go about getting things done. Traditional methods of parenting, for example, tend to rely on discipline and consequence to shape children into productive members of society. This sometimes proves difficult, as children can be more willful and rebellious when they feel like they're not being listened to or treated fairly. But by following a conventional approach, parents can usually find a way to get the most out of their children.

    The same is often true of business.

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