What is another word for conventional?

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[ k_ə_n_v_ˈɛ_n_ʃ_ə_n_əl], [ kənvˈɛnʃənə͡l], [ kənvˈɛnʃənə‍l]

Synonyms for Conventional:

accepted (adjective) average (adjective) conforming (adjective) eastern poison oak (adjective) fashionable (adjective) habitual (adjective) hackneyed (adjective) mediocre (adjective)
  • no great shakes.
orderly (adjective) orthodox (adjective) regular (adjective) right-wing (adjective)
  • ultra-conservative.
uptight (adjective) wonted (adjective) eastern poison oak habitual hackneyed narrow-minded Other synonyms: received stuffy unexceptional unoriginal

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Rhymes for Conventional:

  1. intentional, dimensional;
  2. unintentional, unconventional;

Quotes for Conventional:

  1. I really don't consider myself to be a conventional Hollywood star. I've never really been marketed by the big studios to do mass market box office films. Laura Dern.
  2. The other advantage is that in conventional manufacturing processes, it takes a long time for a factory to produce an amount of product equal to its own weight. With molecular machines, the time required would be something more like a minute. K. Eric Drexler.
  3. In most conventional novels, God is not allowed to be nuts. Nor are nuts allowed to be God. John Sladek.

Idioms of Conventional:

  1. the conventional/ received wisdom;