What is another word for sannyasi?

Pronunciation: [sˈanɪˌasi] (IPA)

Sannyasi is a Sanskrit term used to refer to a person who has renounced all worldly desires and attachments to lead a life of asceticism. The term is commonly associated with Hinduism but is also used in Buddhism and Jainism. There are a variety of synonyms for the term sannyasi, including sadhu, yogi, ascetic, renunciant, and fakir. Each of these words carries slightly different connotations, but they all refer to individuals who have forsaken material possessions and societal norms to pursue a path of spiritual liberation. These individuals are often viewed with reverence and respect in their respective communities.

Synonyms for Sannyasi:

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Usage examples for Sannyasi

One great-sannyasi refused to receive her because she was a woman; her reply brought him humbly to her feet.
"Autobiography of a YOGI"
Paramhansa Yogananda
She put on the garb of a sannyasi, and with a dagger in her hand set out on her journey.
"Folk-Tales of Bengal"
Lal Behari Day
Suddenly the young ones on the top of the tree gave a scream which roused the half-drowsy merchant's daughter whom we shall now call the young sannyasi.
"Folk-Tales of Bengal"
Lal Behari Day

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