What is another word for ascetic?

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Ascetic is a word that can be used to describe someone who lives a simple and austere lifestyle, often for religious or spiritual reasons. However, there are many other synonyms that can be used to describe someone who has a similar lifestyle and outlook. Some possible synonyms for ascetic could include monastic, devout, disciplined, frugal, austere, minimalist, spartan, self-denying, renunciant, and contemplative. Each of these words carries its own connotations and nuances, but they all suggest someone who is focused on spiritual or personal growth through a commitment to simplicity and self-control. Whatever the word, the ascetic lifestyle remains an important part of many religious and spiritual traditions, calling individuals to reject materialism and cultivate inner strength and purpose.

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How to use "Ascetic" in context?

The word "ascetic" comes from the ancient Greek word ἀσκεῖα, from ἄσκεσις ascension, meaning "going up," and refers to one who practices self-denial. Ascetics may choose to abstain from certain activities or foods, live in isolated locations, or seek complete spiritual enlightenment. There is no single definition of asceticism, and it can occupy a wide range of spiritual and philosophical positions. Ascetics may also focus on practice of a single skill or discipline, such as prayer or meditation.

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