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The word "monk" refers to a person who devotes themselves to religious seclusion and austerity, typically in a monastery. It is used to describe someone who is committed to a spiritual way of life. However, there are many synonyms for the word "monk" depending on the religion or culture being referred to. For instance, in Buddhism, the equivalent term is "bhikkhu," whereas in Hinduism, it is "swami." In Christianity, there are different types of monks such as "friar," "brother," or "nun." Furthermore, in different regions and languages, there are other synonyms as well, such as "lama," "pandit," and "sannyasin." Regardless of the term, the basic idea behind it remains the same, which is a person committed to a life of spiritual discipline.

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A monk is someone who has chosen to live a life of strict devotion to their faith. They live in a monastery and follow a strict set of rules. This often includes a vow of poverty, which means they can't own anything. They often spend their days reading, praying, and studying. Monks are often very virtuous and believe in living a pure life.

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      friar, moine.

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