What is another word for scurrilously?

Pronunciation: [skˈʌɹɪləsli] (IPA)

Scurrilously is an adverb that describes behavior that is scandalous, slanderous, or contemptibly abusive. Synonyms for scurrilously include unfairly, immorally, indecently, contemptibly, unethically, outrageously, shamefully, slanderously, and insultingly. These words convey the same sense of disapproval and unacceptability that scurrilously does, with a focus on different aspects of the negative behavior. Whether one is describing a scurrilous attack on someone's character or a scurrilous action committed against marginalized groups, these synonyms help to emphasize the gravity of the situation and communicate the need for swift action in confronting and addressing it.

Usage examples for Scurrilously

And now there was nothing left, and he felt that fate had used him scurrilously.
"What Dreams May Come"
Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton
He threw himself into every electioneering business with his whole heart, wrote, while he might have been better employed, electioneering ballads of little merit, in which he lauded Whig men and theories, and lampooned, often scurrilously, the supporters of Dundas.
"Robert Burns"
Principal Shairp
In the Great Lutheran Fool he assailed Luther scurrilously.
"An anthology of German literature"
Calvin Thomas

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