What is another word for foully?

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[ fˈa͡ʊli], [ fˈa‍ʊli], [ f_ˈaʊ_l_i]

Synonyms for Foully:

How to use "Foully" in context?

Many people use the word "foul" to describe something that is unpleasant or offensive. A lot of people use the word "foul" when they are talking about their Cologne, or when they are referring to a bad smell. If you use the word "foul" a lot, you might be using it incorrectly. Grossly means extremely. To say that something is grossly offensive, you would have to use the word "horrific." So, if you want to use the word "foul" but refer to something as being grossly offensive, you would say that it is foully offensive.

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