What is another word for coarsely?

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When it comes to describing a rough or uneven texture, the word "coarsely" is often used. However, there are plenty of synonyms that can be used to convey similar meanings. Some of these synonyms include "roughly," "unevenly," and "gruffly." Other options include "harshly," "crudely," and "vulgarly." Depending on the context, you may also consider using words like "crisply," "sharply," or "briskly" to describe a texture or surface that is rough or uneven. These synonyms can help provide more variety and precision in your writing, making it easier to convey the exact meaning and tone you are looking for.

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    The word "coarsely" represents the idea of being rough or unrefined. Its antonyms, though, convey the opposite meaning. "Finely" would be a good antonym option, as it refers to something that is delicate or elegant. Another good antonym for "coarsely" would be "smoothly," which suggests that something is without any bumps or roughness. "Softly" could also be an antonym for "coarsely," which applies to anything that is gentle or mellow. Finally, "delicately" is an antonym that means something is done in a careful, precise manner, making the result subtle and elegant.

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    Many are finely or coarsely crystalline; others have a glassy and resinous or waxy texture.
    James Geikie
    There is also another Last Supper, one of a coarsely painted set on canvas, which is attributed to him on much more doubtful grounds, to judge by the composition and colouring.
    Beatrice Fortescue
    Chop rather coarsely and use half a cupful to each four eggs.
    "The Myrtle Reed Cook Book"
    Myrtle Reed

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