What is another word for self-destruct?

Pronunciation: [sˈɛlfdɪstɹˈʌkt] (IPA)

Self-destruct is a powerful word that implies potential devastation. It has various synonyms that can describe a similar meaning such as self-implode, self-wreck, self-ruin, self-annihilate, and self-sabotage. Self-implode signifies to collapse inwardly while self-wreck means causing destruction to oneself. Self-ruin is about damaging oneself severely, and self-annihilate connotes to annihilate or destroy oneself. Self-sabotage means to hurt oneself intentionally or unconsciously. These synonyms can convey a range of emotions and actions that describe the idea of self-destruct. Regardless of the synonym used, it is crucial to recognize when someone or something is on the path of self-destruction and offer appropriate support and resources.

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Self-Destruct, as a term, essentially means the act of causing harm or destruction to oneself. Antonyms for this term denote terms that either possess the opposite meaning, or mean something diametrically opposed to the term in question. Some relevant antonyms for self-destruct can include safeguard, preserve, sustain or cherish. For instance, safeguard refers to the act of protecting oneself from harm, while preserve means to maintain something in its original or existing state. Similarly, sustain refers to supporting or maintaining oneself or something, while cherish denotes the act of treasuring or showing extreme care and devotion towards oneself or someone else. By knowing these antonyms for self-destruct, individuals can better understand how to care for themselves in a safe, healthy and balanced way.

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Famous quotes with Self-destruct

  • The days of the digitals are numbered. The metaphor is built into them like a self-destruct mechanism.
    Tom Stoppard
  • The more that democracy is assumed to be inevitable, the more likely it will self-destruct.
    James Bovard

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