What is another word for crash?

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The word "crash" can have various synonyms based on the context. For instance, "collide" can be used to show two objects hitting each other, while "smash" is used when an object completely breaks due to an impact. "Bump" is an informal term for a minor collision, while "fracture" depicts the breaking of bones due to a violent impact. "Accident" is used to describe a sudden, unfortunate event, while "wreck" is used for a disastrous crash that causes considerable damage. In aviation, "crash" is replaced with "accident" or "incident" to conform to the industry's standard language. Overall, using synonyms for "crash" helps avoid repetition and enhances our vocabulary.

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    A crash, usually referred to as a car accident, is an event that often results in injury or death. These events can be caused by a number of different factors, the most common of which is human error. A crash can often be a sudden and disruptive event that can cause significant damage to a vehicle or person.

    Here are some facts about car crashes:

    - Car crashes are the leading cause of death for Americans between the ages of 10 and 34.

    - In 2010, car crashes resulted in 1.3 million injuries and 600 deaths.

    - The average lifetime cost of a car crash is $14,716.

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