What is another word for fail?

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[ f_ˈeɪ_l], [ fˈe͡ɪl], [ fˈe‍ɪl]

Synonyms for Fail:

fail (verb) neglect (verb) blow cease deteriorate die disappoint discount eastern poison oak forget ignore languish
  • go soft.
leave behind let down lose misbehave Other synonyms: pass peter out relapse require weaken

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Rhymes for Fail:

  1. tail, rail, dail, vale, male, quail, bail, snail, yale, kail, sail, hale, ail, gale, nail, bale, grail, whale, hail, flail, pale, kale, dale, sale, pail, wail, trail, veil, shale, frail, wale, stale, ale, jail, mail, tale, braille, scale;
  2. exhale, derail, impale, prevail, curtail, avail, jarrell, assail, detail, carrell, travail, inhale, bewail, entail, unveil;

Quotes for Fail:

  1. The mystique associated with the bomb, the role that scientists played in it, and its general importance could not fail to impress even a six -year old. Sidney Altman.
  2. I wasn't afraid to fail Something good always comes out of failure. Anne Baxter.
  3. Being convinced one knows the whole story is the surest way to fail Phil Crosby.

Idioms of Fail:

  1. fail sm on sth;
  2. without fail
  3. words fail me;

Adjectives for Fail:

  • great ceremonial.