What is another word for kilo?

Pronunciation: [kˈiːlə͡ʊ] (IPA)

Kilo is a term used to refer to a metric measurement unit of weight. It is often used to represent the number one thousand. However, there are other words that can be used interchangeably with this term. For instance, the word "kilogram" is another name for the kilo weight measurement. Additionally, other synonyms include "thou," "grand," and "granddaddy," which are slang terms. Furthermore, in some parts of the world, individuals may use the word "tonne" as a synonym for kilo, which is a thousand kilograms. No matter the term used, the metric unit remains a fundamental aspect of measuring weight in the global community, and it is necessary in various industries, including food, manufacturing, and shipping.

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Usage examples for Kilo

I saw hundreds of I.W.W. men between her and kilo.
"The Desert of Wheat"
Zane Grey
Go to the national bank in kilo.
"The Desert of Wheat"
Zane Grey
Before ten o'clock Kurt reached kilo, far across the Copper River, with the Blue Mountains in sight, and from there less confusing directions to follow.
"The Desert of Wheat"
Zane Grey

Famous quotes with Kilo

  • All organic. No chemicals here, no way. The red globe grapes, $8.99 a kilo. I take a pawful, pop em, one at a time. They crunch. This is my only wine. This is Sunday sacrament...sweet and honest and decent. No lies from chemists, or from priests. You wanna heal your soul? Step one is healing your soil.
    Malcolm Azania

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