What is another word for sexuality?

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[ sˈɛkʃuːˈalɪti], [ sˈɛkʃuːˈalɪti], [ s_ˈɛ_k_ʃ_uː_ˈa_l_ɪ_t_i]

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    How to use "Sexuality" in context?

    There's no easy answer when it comes to sexuality. It can be widely felt, interpreted, and complicated, with people arguing about what it means to them and what it ought to mean to society at large. But put simply, sexuality refers to every aspect of a person's emotional and physical intimacy, from whether they're attracted to members of the same or opposite sex, to what kinds of sexual activities turn them on. There's no right or wrong answer when it comes to sexuality, and no one should feel ashamed or embarrassed to be open about their desires.

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