What is another word for hatred?

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There are plenty of synonyms for the word "hatred" which can be used to express strong, negative emotions towards someone or something. Some of the most common synonyms for "hatred" include "animosity," "antipathy," "aversion," "disgust," "enmity," "hostility," "loathing," "repugnance," and "scorn." While these words all convey a similar sentiment, the subtle differences between them can be useful for conveying a particular nuance of emotional intensity or context. For example, "disgust" might be used to describe a feeling of physical revulsion towards something, whereas "enmity" might be used to describe a deep-rooted, long-standing resentment or animosity between two parties.

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How to use "Hatred" in context?

Hatred is an emotion that is derived from dislike. Hatred is different from anger, scorn, or dislike because it is intense and often irrational. Hatred can be directed at individuals, things, or ideas. It is often associated with a desire for revenge or destruction. Hatred can be an obstacle to effective communication and can lead to violence. Although hatred is often destructive, it can also be a powerful motivator for altruism.

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