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The word "flesh" signifies a physical nature that is often associated with the human body. However, there are many synonyms that can convey the same meaning in different ways. For example, "meat" refers specifically to the edible flesh of animals, while "muscle" emphasizes the structural and functional aspects of the body. "Skin" and "epidermis" refer to the outermost layer of the body, while "tissue" and "organ" indicate various parts of the body that are made up of flesh. Additionally, "carnal" and "sensual" may evoke a sense of desire or passion associated with the fleshly nature of human beings.

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Tony's was the fleshiest of all the Marx brothers, his cheeks were round and wide, his belly protruded and his arms were thick and fleshy. One day George asked him why he was so fleshy and Tony replied, "I eat lots of meat." George looked at him incredulously and Tony continued, "It helps me stay strong.

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  • flesch.

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