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Silage is a common term used in agriculture. It refers to the fodder that has been harvested and preserved for future use. There are several synonyms for the word "silage," including ensilage, haylage, and fodder. Ensilage is used for forage crops that have been chopped and stored in a silo. Haylage refers to plants that have been wilted and cut before being preserved in a silo. Fodder is a general term for any food given to livestock, including hay, silage, and other forages. Other synonyms for silage include siloage, clamp silage, and pit silage. All of these terms describe the same process of preserving plant material for livestock feed.

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Usage examples for Silage

In several instances cattle have been poisoned by silage from a silo painted inside with lead paint shortly before filling.
"Special Report on Diseases of Cattle"
U.S. Department of Agriculture J.R. Mohler
25, and the silo, to hold sufficient silage to feed the year round, enlarged to 18 feet in diameter.
"Economy of the Round Dairy Barn"
Wilber John Fraser
In figuring the cost of materials in the silos for the round and rectangular barns, the capacity needed in each case was determined in the following manner: Allowing 40 pounds of silage per cow per day for 7 winter months and 25 pounds per cow per day for 3 months during the summer, would require for 40 cows 220 tons; then allowing one-eighth for waste would make the silage requirement 248 tons.
"Economy of the Round Dairy Barn"
Wilber John Fraser

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