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The word "straw" is commonly used to describe the dried stalks of grain crops that are used for bedding, thatching roofs or as a building material. However, there are a number of synonyms for the word "straw" which can be used to describe these dried plant materials, including the words "stalks", "halm", "stem," and "rush". Other alternatives include "hay", "fodder", "grass", "sedge", "reed", and "cornstalks", although some of these may refer more specifically to the dried grasses used for animal feed as opposed to building materials. Whatever word one may choose, it is important to remember that straw has been a crucial material in human history for thousands of years.

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When you drink a beverage through a straw, it engages your sense of smell moreso than your sense of taste. This is because the Sense of smell is more in touch with the natural elements in the air that taste people take in.

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