What is another word for soft pedal?

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There are several synonyms for the term "soft pedal," which is a technical term used in music to describe a pedal on a piano that reduces the volume by moving the hammers away from the strings. One synonym is the "una corda" pedal, which is Italian for "one string" and refers to the fact that the pedal causes the hammers to strike only one string per note instead of the usual two or three. Another synonym is the "left pedal" or "soft pedal," as it is located on the left side of the piano. Other terms used to describe this pedal include "softener" and "practice pedal." Regardless of the name used, the soft pedal provides a valuable tool for pianists seeking to create subtle and nuanced dynamics in their playing.

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    A soft pedal is a pedal on an electric guitar or acoustic guitar that reduces the volume of the guitar when not played.

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