What is another word for overdo?

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Overdoing something can mean to exaggerate or do too much of something. Synonyms for overdo include exceeding, exaggerating, overdramatizing, going overboard, and pushing beyond limits. These synonyms are often used to describe actions that are excessive or extreme and can lead to negative consequences. Overdoing something can cause burnout, fatigue, or even harm. It is important to find a balance between doing enough and doing too much. Using these synonyms can help convey the idea of going too far or pushing too hard, which can be useful when discussing work, relationships, or personal habits.

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    When setting ambitious goals and working hard to achieve them, it's common to reach a breaking point where working any more feels counterproductive. We know ourselves well enough to know when we've gone too far - we're tired, irritable, and our moods have sunk. It can be tough to pull back, to take a breath and reassess our goals. But in order to achieve anything great, we need to be able to push through the tough times. Here are five signs that you're working too hard:

    1. You're feeling overwhelmed.

    2. You're struggling to make progress.

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