What is another word for pedal?

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Pedal has a few synonyms that could be used in specific contexts. For example, "treadle" is a synonym for foot pedal that is primarily used in relation to sewing machines or other types of machinery that are operated by the foot. "Accelerator" can be used as a synonym for gas pedal in a car or truck. In music, "footswitch" is often used as a synonym for a pedal that controls sound effects or other parameters in a musical performance. "Pump" can also be used to describe a pedal-like mechanism, such as a bicycle pump. Finally, "throttle" can be used as a synonym for a bicycle or motorcycle's pedal that controls the engine's speed.

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    What are the opposite words for pedal?

    Pedal refers to a foot-operated lever used for driving a machine or a bicycle. Its primary antonym is "idle," which is to remain inactive or not in use. Other antonyms of pedal can be "stationary," "fixed," "still," "immobile," "not working," or "motionless." Some people use "decelerate" as an antonym, as it refers to slowing down or decreasing speed. "Stop" can also be an antonym as it means bringing something to a halt. "Non-moving," "unmoving," and "unmoving" are also some words that convey the opposite meaning of pedal. While choosing the correct antonym, one should always consider the context of the sentence.

    What are the antonyms for Pedal?

    Usage examples for Pedal

    We talked with the soft pedal on.
    "At Good Old Siwash"
    George Fitch
    When I went to college, Billy-loud pedal on that "I"-things were different.
    "At Good Old Siwash"
    George Fitch
    The remains of pedal connections can be seen on the lowest eight keys.
    "Italian Harpsichord-Building in the 16th and 17th Centuries"
    John D. Shortridge

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