What is another word for souls?

Pronunciation: [sˈə͡ʊlz] (IPA)

Souls, also known as the essence or spirit of a person, can be described using a variety of synonyms. One common synonym is "spirit," which connotes the intangible aspect of a being that is not bound by physical limitations. "Consciousness" is also a synonym for souls, as it represents the awareness and perception of oneself and the world around them. "Existence" can also be used as a synonym, as the soul is often considered the source of a person's being and lifeforce. Additionally, "inner being," "inner self," or "inner soul" are used to describe the deep, subjective, and personal aspect of one's soul.

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Usage examples for Souls

Don't worry about our souls.
"My Lady of the Chimney Corner"
Alexander Irvine
It is not by their legs or their scars we know people, it is by themselves-by their souls.
"The Eye of Dread"
Payne Erskine
Who knows but that they may sometime find their souls?
"The Furnace"
Rose Macaulay

Famous quotes with Souls

  • You may be assured that we won't ever let your words die. Like the words of our Master, Jesus Christ, they will live in our minds and our hearts and in the souls of black men and white men, brown men and yellow men as long as time shall last.
    Ralph Abernathy
  • Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.
  • The sad souls of those who lived without blame and without praise.
    Dante Alighieri
  • If we allow the consideration of heathen morality and heathen religion to absolve us from the duty of preaching the gospel we are really deposing Christ from His throne in our own souls.
    Roland Allen
  • Sacrifice, which is the passion of great souls, has never been the law of societies.
    Henri Frederic Amiel

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