What is another word for spacer?

Pronunciation: [spˈe͡ɪsə] (IPA)

Spacer is a term used to describe an item that is used to separate two things. This item can be a physical object or a virtual tool. Some synonyms for spacer include; distance piece, isolator, buffer, separator, and disconnector. They are all words used to refer to an item that helps to keep things apart or organized. Distance pieces are used to keep two things at a specific distance, whereas isolators help to keep electrical components apart. A buffer can be used to separate two surfaces that are in contact with each other. Separators are commonly found in files and folders, where they help to keep documents organized. Disconnector is a more specific term, used in electrical engineering, to describe a device that separates or isolates power sources.

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Usage examples for Spacer

The tables were of the cheap, light metals so common on the spacer-supplied worlds of the Edge, and they wobbled.
"Warlord of Kor"
Terry Gene Carr
The jack guides are built up of spacer blocks held together by thin strips along the sides.
"Italian Harpsichord-Building in the 16th and 17th Centuries"
John D. Shortridge
The spacer ground to an agonized stop.
"Master of the Moondog"
Stanley Mullen

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