What is another word for poster?

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Posters are graphic display materials that are primarily used to convey a message or promote a brand or event. Synonyms for the word poster include placard, notice, handbill, flyers, leaflet, advertisement, bill, handout, and banner. Placards are specifically used for political protests or demonstrations whereas notices are general announcements that can be found in public places, bulletin boards, or on websites. Handbills and flyers are typically distributed by hand and are used for advertising local events or performances. Leaflets, advertisements, and bills are also marketing tools that are often used in print and digital media. Handouts are materials that are handed out during presentations or lectures, while banners are large posters used for outdoor advertising.

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How to use "Poster" in context?

A poster is a print advertisement that is attached to a wall or to a door. It is typically large, colourful and attention-grabbing, and is used to promote a product or event.

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