What is another word for broadcaster?

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[ bɹˈɔːdkastə], [ bɹˈɔːdkastə], [ b_ɹ_ˈɔː_d_k_a_s_t_ə]

The term broadcaster refers to a person or organization that transmits news, entertainment, or information through television or radio. Some synonyms for broadcaster include announcer, commentator, presenter, anchor, newscaster, DJ, disc jockey, host, and reporter. Each of these words describes someone involved in the transmission of news or entertainment through a broadcast medium. Announcers usually deliver brief news updates or introduce segments of a show, while reporters gather news stories and report on events. Commentators provide analysis or opinion on current events or sports, while disc jockeys play music and interact with audiences. Hosts manage and present shows, while anchors deliver the news and guide viewers through programming.

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    Usage examples for Broadcaster

    The pretext that it was a natural object, said the news broadcaster, resuming, had been abandoned.
    "Operation Terror"
    William Fitzgerald Jenkins
    The rails themselves act as antenna for the broadcaster, and the rat's tail is the pickup antenna.
    "Anything You Can Do"
    Gordon Randall Garrett
    Those old steel rails themselves act as antennas for the broadcaster, and the rat's tail is the pickup antenna.
    "Anything You Can Do ..."
    Gordon Randall Garrett

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