What is another word for spender?

Pronunciation: [spˈɛndə] (IPA)

Spender refers to a person who is generous with their money and spends a lot. There are several synonyms for the word spender, such as philanthropist, benefactor, provider, and donor. A philanthropist is someone who donates generously to charitable causes, whereas a benefactor is a person who provides financial support to an individual or organization. A provider is someone who supplies things, including money for someone's needs. On the other hand, a donor is someone who voluntarily gives something, such as money, blood, or organs. All of these words are synonymous with spender, but each has a unique connotation that sets it apart.

Synonyms for Spender:

What are the hypernyms for Spender?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for spender?

There are several antonyms for the word "spender," which means a person who spends a lot of money. The first antonym is "saver," which means a person who carefully saves their money instead of spending it frivolously. Another antonym for "spender" is "cheapskate," which describes someone who is unwilling to spend money or is overly cautious with their finances. Alternatively, "tightwad" is another antonym for "spender" that describes a person who is stingy or unwilling to spend money on anything. Finally, "miser" is a person who hoards money or resources and is the opposite of a "spender." Understanding these antonyms for "spender" can help you to be more mindful of your spending habits and cultivate better financial habits.

What are the antonyms for Spender?

Usage examples for Spender

Well, I didn't know where it would land me, but I wa'n't goin' to have her tag me for a solitaire spender.
"Shorty McCabe"
Sewell Ford
We agreed long ago, Jim and I did, when Jim was a rich man, that some day you must be shown that you were his child as well as Lesa's-I mean that you mustn't always be a dependent spender.
"The Reclaimers"
Margaret Hill McCarter
It was not in her to be more than a reckless spender of other people's money and other people's lives.
"Swirling Waters"
Max Rittenberg

Famous quotes with Spender

  • Never ask of money spent Where the spender thinks it went. Nobody was ever meant To remember or invent What he did with every cent.
    Robert Frost
  • “People tend to fall into three psychological types, all differently motivated. There is the type, motivated by economic factors, money...And there is the type motivated by ‘face,’ or pride. This type is a spender, fighter, boaster, lover, sportsman, gambler; he has a will to power and an itch for glory. And there is the professional type, which claims to follow a code of ethics rather than simply seeking money or glory—priests and ministers, teachers, scientists, medical men, some artists and writers. The idea is that such a man believes that he is devoting his life to some purpose more important than his individual self. You follow me?”
    Robert A. Heinlein

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