What is another word for squanderer?

124 synonyms found


[ skwˈɒndəɹə], [ skwˈɒndəɹə], [ s_k_w_ˈɒ_n_d_ə_ɹ_ə]

How to use "Squanderer" in context?

There are different definitions of what a squanderer is, but generally speaking, a squanderer is someone who wastes money or time in unnecessary ways. This can be a problem in both personal and professional lives. Personal squandering can involve spending money on things that are not necessary, such as frivolous shopping or drinking excessively. Professional squandering can involve overselling or underspending, which can lead to decreased profits or even failure. However, regardless of the definition, any form of wasteful spending is ultimately irresponsible and can lead to anxiety, stress, and deprivation.

There are various ways to address squandering.

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