What is another word for stiffs?

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The word "stiffs" is considered to be informal and potentially offensive in some situations. Synonyms for this word include deceased, departed, corpse, cadaver, remains, body, and mortality. Other options that are less morbid but still convey the same meaning include dullard, unresponsive, unyielding, and rigid. These synonyms are especially useful when referring to people who are inflexible, stubborn, or uncooperative. In the context of criminal activity, "stiffs" can refer to informants, witnesses, or potential victims who are no longer alive. Synonyms for this definition include mole, rat, snitch, and informer. In any situation, it is important to choose the appropriate word to avoid offending or upsetting others.

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    There's something about the word "stiff" that just makes us feel a little bit funny. Maybe it's the slightly taboo and rebellious edge to it, or the way that it seems to hint at something about the person who uses it. No matter what the reason, the word has a certain flair that turns us on.

    In a word, "stiffs" are sexy. They're confident, proud individuals who know what they want and aren't afraid to go after it. They're thetype of people who know how to have fun and never take life too seriously.

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