What is another word for spirituality?

Pronunciation: [spˌɪɹɪt͡ʃuːˈalɪti] (IPA)

Spirituality is a multifaceted concept that can manifest in various ways, and therefore has multiple synonyms. Some words that can be used as synonyms for spirituality include religiosity, mysticism, faith, transcendence, divinity, belief, and piety. Each of these words carries its own nuance and connotations, and may appeal more to certain individuals and belief systems than others. For instance, someone who identifies as religious may feel more comfortable with the term "religiosity," while someone who is more interested in achieving a higher sense of inner peace may prefer "transcendence" or "mysticism." Ultimately, the synonym chosen may depend on personal preference and the specific context in which it is being used.

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What are the opposite words for spirituality?

The opposite or antonyms for the word "spirituality" can be seen in various contexts depending on the interpretation of the word. In some cases, the antonyms may include atheism, materialism or secularism. These terms describe a lack of belief or interest in matters of the spirit or the divine. Other antonyms could include cynicism or skepticism, which denote a lack of faith or trust in spiritual concepts. At the opposite end of the spectrum, some may consider hedonism or materialism as antonyms, representing a focus on physical pleasures and material possessions rather than spiritual growth or well-being. Ultimately, the antonyms for spirituality can vary depending on individual beliefs and values.

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Usage examples for Spirituality

There was a certain dignity which it had never lost, which indeed resigned and large-minded sadness only enhances, and her simple religious life had given a touch of spirituality to those thin, delicate features so exquisitely carved and moulded.
"The New Tenant"
E. Phillips Oppenheim
He was caught by the girl's spirituality and brightness and he couldn't any more comprehend her than a raw-boned Indian could understand a water sprite.
"A Son of the Hills"
Harriet T. Comstock
Certainly the last ages of paganism in the West were not ripe for any such reserved spirituality.
"Roman Society from Nero to Marcus Aurelius"
Samuel Dill

Famous quotes with Spirituality

  • In order to experience everyday spirituality, we need to remember that we are spiritual beings spending some time in a human body.
    Barbara de Angelis
  • Most importantly, the meaning of spirituality lays the seeds for our destiny and the path we must follow.
    Dennis Banks
  • To say the word Romanticism is to say modern art - that is, intimacy, spirituality, color, aspiration towards the infinite, expressed by every means available to the arts.
    Charles Baudelaire
  • I'm studying Kabbalah, which is really the essence of Jewish spirituality.
    Sandra Bernhard
  • For me, the other thing is not just a strong sense of spirituality.
    Peabo Bryson

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